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A career in the modelling world is not only about being pretty. 

An ability to be interesting, a perfect personal portfolio, to know how to pose and present yourself when meeting a photographer or a modelling agent are basic skills – do you feel confident or need a bit of help? 

MZX Photography

  • shapes your modelling career
  • improves a quality of fashion shows
  • creates a better business identity of fashion brands
  • provides a piece of advice for beginning and advanced models




Can Tamilla Sparrøw Win Miss Global?

Tamila Sparrow is a remarkable model with the ambition to participate in the Miss Global international pageant competition. She really has a great chance to win the competition not only because of her beauty, but also a life story that inspires a lot of women. Who is Tamila? What is her modeling career like? Why does she struggle a little bit with the participation in the competition? Let’s take a closer look. Read more…

Marion Ayonote – a timeless fashion design perfection

Marion Ayonote is an incredible British fashion designer creating truly iconic pieces of fashion. I am delighted she found some spare minutes in her busy schedule for an interview. Thus, we can discover her work, personality and even what makes Marion happy. Read more…

Monika Vráblíková – an irresistible and alluring model

I love a catwalk very much, giving a smile on either side and people always return it to me. I love being the centre of attention, it is relaxing. Being on a catwalk is like being on a sofa, I rest, forget about problems and gain a new energy. Love it! Read more…

Anastasia Kohutova – a rising star of child modelling

Anastasia – is only 3 years old, her early fragile childhood is just about to begin, the world is too big for her and parents try to find a balance between her career and happy childhood desiring the very best for the daughter. How does a modelling career of Anastasia look like? Let’s find out all the answers in a lovely interview with Anastasia´s mother Maria. Read more…

Zuzana Valla – Inspires And Enhances Art Photography

The harmony of light, colours and composition create unforgettable experience in a Paris Haute Couture style fashion show in which her photographic talent shines like a lovely sequin dress. Read more…

Gabriela Giotto – Perfection Of Colours In A Stylish Luxurious Design

Gabriela Giotto is a very talented fashion designer with a great artistic thinking. An excellent eye for details, a sense of elegance wrapped in creativity and a modern mind set driven work underlined by an interesting life story put Gabriela among the Slovak fashion industry leaders. Read more…

Dana Krizova – Art Nude Photography As A Self-Awareness Counselling

Dana Krizova is a woman whose nude photos help her to reinforce a heavily damaged personality. Actually, she was the object of ridiculous behavior of boys in the past. I very much appreciate the fact that she has decided to be interviewed and even to uncover her deepest secrets. Read more…

Modelling Communication – Essential Skills To Impress

Modeling communication often determines the direction of a model career. The article answers what it means, how to shape it, the most common mistakes and essential tips for success. Read more…

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