Why Black and White Photography Still Shines?

We love beautiful colours and brilliantly colourful shadows in pictures. Landscapes, fashion, portraits or travel adventures in photography – just admirable. We dream of having similar opportunities to capture those stunning images.

MZX Photography reveals not only beauty of colours, but also endless possibilities of black and white photography. Do you remember on old photo books with black and white pictures (sometimes slightly yellowish)? In the past, it was a great gift to have a photograph, a family portrait or candid shot – it was something extraordinary that we cannot even imagine today. At the present, surprisingly, it is not much different because there are not many people who can work with black and white photography – consequently – it is one of the most expensive to make (unless you use presets like everyone else).

MZX Photography

How do you like the above pic? Expressing happiness? Enthusiasm? Would you send it to a modeling agency? Do you like a model and her face expression? Have a look at a lighting pattern, what do you think; natural, a speedlight, a combination or just a reflector?

Photography is a very subjective discipline – everyone likes something different. However, this particular photograph proves an important fact. Even in 2016, an era of digital, we can create an extraordinary black and white image. Why is it like that? There are only two colours – no special touch.

Very often, people see black and white thinking that they are the same during the history. They are, actually 🙂 Nevertheless, there is something more important – a spectrum – different shadows of black and white. By this, an image gets its dynamics and a sort of irresistible look. It is like a dance of light and darkness, a play of white and black in pictures.