Can Tamila “Sparrow” Khodjaeva Win Miss Global?

Tamila Sparrow is a remarkable model with the ambition to participate in the Miss Global international pageant competition. She really has a great chance to win the competition not only because of her beauty, but also a life story that inspires a lot of women. Who is Tamila? What is her modelling career like? Why does she struggle a little bit with the participation in the competition? Let’s take a closer look.

Tamila, born in Uzbekistan, lives in Prague. She has come to the Czech Republic five years ago to study at the University. She speaks Czech, English and Russian. Singing karaoke and being an actress in the Russian theatre fulfil her spare time. 

© Pavel Beran
© Lubos Netusil

Life in Prague offers opportunities, but requires some investment – it is a costly city for life. Tamila works and lives an independent life which she has been building since she entered the country. She is actively looking for modelling job offers and pageant competitions. 

Tamila was born for show business, no doubt.

I highly recommend Tamila’s Facebook where you find photos and videos of her modelling life. At first glance, it is just obvious how much she loves modelling, what she is doing for being a successful model, and that she shares all her life with people. There is always a new post, picture or video. Extraordinary!

© Karl von Hwozdnitz
© Lenka Otrubova LO CREATIV – fotografie

Transparency, the enormous effort to succeed, and the collaboration with the renowned names in the modelling industry have convinced me that it is right to support Tamila with her latest project. What is it about?

Tamila would like to participate in the Miss Global international pageant competition. In order to fly and stay for two weeks in the Philippines, she needs to cover the costs. Since the Czech Republic has already submitted the Miss Global representative, Tamila has decided to represent her home country Uzbekistan despite that she lives in Prague. This makes it a bit harder to find proper support in Europe.

She has established the official account on GoFundMe, but as an experienced business development consultant, I know that crowdfunding takes a long time and it is not the best option to get the required resources for Tamila. Her goal is to collect $ 2,000 (€ 1,800 / CZK 46,000).

I think Tamila has done a lot of good moves in the modelling industry. Moreover, she represents a very good example for girls to follow, especially how to stick to the goals and achieve them. Representing Uzbekistan is absolutely fine. I believe it is great to be proud of where you come from. What’s more, Tamila is also a successful immigrant who has come to the Czech Republic, studied at the University, learned the Czech language and worked in order to finance the cost of living. She is definitely creating values for society. I, myself, was in the same situation for many years. Therefore, I know all pros and cons of being an immigrant, especially, how to build a new life from scratch whilst being considered as a foreigner (stranger). 

Many times I heard I cannot achieve it. I did because I really wanted.

I know with certainty that Tamila will not give up her “fight for participation” in Miss Global. I wish her very much to go and represent Uzbekistan in the Philippines. Not only her beauty but predominantly her life story shows us that she really deserves this chance. The Czech Republic provided her with an environment to grow. However, she has done the rest by herself. 

We live to fulfil our dreams. We look forward to fulfilling the dreams of others. Let’s support Tamila! Why? Her modelling experience and inspirational life have created a great foundation for successful participation in Miss Global. Tamila does motivate women to actually say – I go for it, I can achieve it. Even though she struggles to find resources to finance an expensive trip to the Philippines, she believes in herself. Therefore, she deserves to get a chance.

© Timur Gumerov
© Arthur Koff

How can you help Tamila? 

Well, we all have some options to help. Please, consider your contribution to Tamila and get in touch with her through the official Facebook account – you can see her life, work, ask questions and verify what was written.


Miss GLOBAL 2018 Schedule

  1. WEEK
    • January, 31 – February, 1 – Official Contestant Arrival to Manila, Philippines
    • February, 2 – Orientation and Rehearsal
    • February, 3 – City Tour, Charity Activity and Rehearsal
    • February, 4 – Press Conference Presentation & Rehearsal
    • February, 5 – Photoshoot (Headshot, Evening Gown, Swimsuit, Cultural Wear)
    • February, 6 – Full Day Rehearsal
  2. WEEK
    • February, 7 – Full Day Rehearsal
    • February, 8 – Preliminary Interview with Judges
    • February, 9 – Preliminary Event (Evening Gown and Talent)
    • February, 10 – Preliminary Event (Swim and Culture)
    • February, 11 – MISS GLOBAL 2018 CORONATION EVENING
    • February, 12 – Contestants Departure
© Karl von Hwozdnitz
© Elena Vazhenina


Katrin Kravc represents a modern designer generation with an emphasis on the sophisticated elegance of a woman. Fashion accompanies the story of a woman – who she is, how she feels and what she experiences in her daily life. Katrin reflects the feminine story of creation not only with elegance but also with a gentle vortex of rebellion and emancipation. Each model is carefully tailored to the degree of body and soul, highlighting the overall personality. The quality of materials and design work includes prestige and refinement which give the dress independence and self-determination.

Tamila chose Katrin Kravc as the main fashion designer for the Miss Global contest. Tamila will be “well decorated” by a dress for the coronation evening, as well as for an interview with jurors. Great responsibility brings incredible performance – we believe that Tamila, wearing Katrin Kravc models, will enchant the international jury and audience.

Katrin Kravc Collection
Katrin Kravc Collection
Katrin Kravc Collection
Katrin Kravc Collection

Jenny Jeshko is a stylish fashion designer whose main attributes of creative inspiration combine punk, baroque and elegance. The versatility of the designer underlines a rich portfolio of products – unique clothing, jewelry, handbags and accessories.

International reputation and references; additionally, the human approach and efforts to represent women’s personality contributed to the cooperation with Tamila. In the Philippines, we will see models and accessories by Jenny Jeshko – it is clear that the synergy of beautiful Tamila and timeless design of Jenny Jeshko will be a grateful subject of photographers and fashion critics.

© Frantisek Michalek
Jenny Jeshko Collection
Jenny Jeshko Collection
Jenny Jeshko Collection
Jenny Jeshko Collection


Geoff Tyson is an American producer and musician. There are people who we do not know that much, usually standing in the background and producing various projects. Sometimes, a unique collaboration takes place, such as with Joe Satriani, the former Deep Purple guitarist.

Tamila had already worked with Geoff, and they met again to create a special performance for Miss Global. Tamila will represent her country and Uzbek culture. We expect a truly spectacular show. 


TIME STUDY is the Institute of International Education in the Czech Republic preparing suitable conditions for foreigners to study at secondary and higher education institutions.

Cooperation with Tamila is carried out in the field of presentation and support of her PR.

TIME STUDY services

  • Czech language preparation studies, especially for higher education
  • college preparation studies
  • English and German classes for students and workers in the EU
  • organization of seminars and conferences
  • providing cultural exchange holidays in the educational summer camps
  • medical personnel preparation (Czech hospital work placement preparation)

Success in the Philippines, Tamila won 2nd runner-up

Tamila said the following thanks words:

“It has come. I have been writing this text for the whole day and yet it’s incomplete. I’m now Miss Global 2018 2nd runner-up. Even being so aimed to the crown, working on myself, even had confidence and all the femininity I wanted to share, I had no idea how it would be in the real moment.
I was asked what would be the first thing I do if I am a new Miss Global. And I told that I would express my gratitude. I’m not a titleholder, nevertheless it’s still a promise I’m going to keep. So let me thank the God who led me to this road, to a new page of my life, gave me strength and courage to try out even when I had my doubts. Thank to all the supporting people who were with me even being far distanced. Thanks Katrinkravc collection for sleepless nights while tailoring my gowns and suits, especially cultural and evening. Thanks for encouraging me each day. Thanks Jenny Jeshko for all the colourful embroidered outfits, caring and helping with closet. Thank to my friend and musician Geoff Tyson for assistance in preparation before application. Huge gratitude to Time Study Praha for assistance in travelling to the Philippines! 
Thank you dear Team Liza D. Querubin Make Up Artistry, especially Sandy Bugay Austria Elsie Delos ReyesKaye Marabillo for gorgeous makeup and hair. To all the production helping us, thanks security team for protection and accompaniment. Thanks Mommy G for not only choreography but also passion and power. Thanks Gregana Doncheva, Miss Global royal since 2015 for pushing us everyday, thanks Mr. Van for pulling out our personalities. Angela Bonilla – Miss Global 2016, for care and inspiration. Thank you, Barbara Vitorelli for staying the queen till the very end, for helping me. Do you know many queens who will be running around the hotel and theatre seeking for someone’s train which was taken accidentally ? Thanks everyone. Thank all the sincere people. And in the end, I thank myself for staying strong enough till the final results.”