A Good Photographer Is Also A Psychologist And A DJ

I love listening to DJs all over the world due to that special harmony between rhythm and atmosphere they produce. Even an ordinary song can be a very good one once DJ puts a bit of talent into it. I wish I could try it one day. Do I want to be a psychologist and listen to people’s stories and troubles? Well, sounds boring. However, I can say a sentence or two which might change their lives in a good way. Hmm, not bad.

Photography is very similar to the above mentioned jobs. To work with a model requires a perfect approach and professionalism, great communication skills and understanding. Otherwise, there is that situation when you are “pro” trying to get stunning images, however, without being able to interact with a model, emotions and feelings. Or even vice versa. You are just not connected enough.

Sometimes, it is not your day, things are going down the hill. A model did not sleep well, woke up with terrible mood. Nevertheless, clients are waiting for a perfectly executed job – awesome pictures. What to do? How to handle it?

Here, we can meet up with a little problem – we cannot just say to clients that we do it another time – we must deliver. People have no clue what is behind the scenes, how photographs are created or how photography workflow goes. We cannot be lost or scared by this.

We should act. Firstly, think about being a DJ for a while, release the stress and make a nice atmosphere, play some music, tell some jokes and get over everything. Create a bit better atmosphere at a workplace, show others that you can handle the situation very well. Secondly, be a psychologist for a moment – talk with a model, give her a piece of advice and make her feel very special – without her, your work is ruined. Clients do not pay for average pictures – they can go to Pixabay for that.

I tell you a secret – many photographers are pro not only because they can produce stunning images, but also because they can handle people and situations of every kind. It is also about being a little bit creative and not run away from things that are not perfect. People love working with pro photographers who can be friendly and understand what is this job about.

Many times, photographers lack this sort of attitude. I met a great photographer who could be a world-wide famous, however, he lacked personality. He knew how to work with a camera, but not with people.

Isn’t our story the same – sometimes – we concentrate on being pro and perfect while neglecting people around us. And then, we walk down the street and take a lifetime shot – wow. Why is it like that? At that moment, we were focusing on life, not a camera. I love pictures and photographers who can do that.

Therefore, I say – I am a photographer, but a psychologist and DJ, as well 🙂