Michal Gajdosech – modelling is a regular part of my lifestyle

The world of male modelling is a very interesting segment of the fashion industry – there are not many articles about male models; people do not follow stories of them that much and they do not even know about some incredible talents located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Czech Fashion Week 2018 presented a great fashion show of Osman Laffita, during which one of these talents appeared on the catwalk. The model had a charismatic expression, a sovereign look and a perfect masculine figure. Later on, I found out that he won “The Best Body” award during Mister Supranational 2017 (male beauty pageant), comes from Slovakia and lives in Prague – Michal Gajdosech.

Michal, how would you describe the difference between male and female modelling in terms of job opportunities?

It’s very simple. Women will always be more ‘in demand’ than men, women’s fashion is far ahead of men’s. Certainly, a much tougher competition comes with this phenomenon, too. I do not think that being a model is an easy life. You have to sacrifice a lot to get on the top modelling level. 

You have achieved a lot in modelling already and I am sure much more is on the way, however, what have you sacrificed in order to get where you are at the moment?

It is definitely the same as in every other job, the most important is perseverance and precision. Do not be waiting that something will happen just because the world wants you to be a model. If you really want something then learn, improve and be the best! Success will follow. 

A lot of guys have a perfect fitness body and charm, but they can not get into modelling – what do you consider to be the most common illusion of male modelling?

Just like I mentioned above, it’s not just about a perfect figure (although it’s a significant part of it since models with great fitness figures do swimsuit and underwear campaigns, however, those with slim and ‘no muscles’ bodies are in Top Fashion too), but how much you want to achieve, what you can sacrifice and how long can you ‘survive’ in this super busy business whilst doing everything on maximum!

You have gone through a lot of photo shoots, knowing many photographers, have you ever written to a photographer that you liked his/her work (attitude) and want to collaborate with?

I think I wouldn’t be here without that, especially when considering my beginnings. There are people who write to five photographers and receive one answer, so they give up. In my case, I probably wrote to more than a hundred of them and develop the portfolio step by step. I tried to choose the best ones considering their reputation and presentations. There were many aspects I did think about when I accepted a photo shoot. I longed for the amazing pictures that I saw in magazines and wanted to look like those guys from the fashion industry. Consequently, I had some excellent experience based on which I could build up the portfolio. Certainly, there were some unsuccessful photo shoots too, however, you just have to get over it and not to give up.

Every country has its own specifics, good and bad, what do you think about the development of modelling in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, what do you like and where would it be good to implement some innovations?

Unfortunately, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are not well developed in fashion. People are not that much interested in good quality fashion, so if there is no interest, modelling is struggling. We are small countries and people have other priorities. Honestly, only a small percentage of people know what is high fashion truly about. Although, it seems to me that it is slowly getting better in the last years, but really slowly. 

I was delighted to see you at the Czech Fashion Week 2018 where I noticed a sort of independent style you had, also you travel, cook and have some overall ‘spirit’ that people can feel. What helps you to be yourself in the modelling industry?

I have never had modelling as the number one priority in my life; I started with it due to some good pocket money when studying. I never gave it such a weight that, if there is no modelling, I will not even be a part of this world and my life will crash (laughter). It is not always necessary to take all the things seriously, because if we do, we will be often very disappointed.

If you need to reset yourself, get a new motivation to life and energy to work – what do you usually do?

Mostly I get out of the public and I’m going on holiday, reading books, sorting ideas, setting new priorities, and writing down ‘to do list’ for the upcoming time. After that, I always come back ‘reborn’, motivated and full of energy!

In private life, do you dress yourself or there is a stylist telling you what to get?

I do 90% on my own, but I am inspired by various fashion websites too.

An unconventional question in the world of modelling, which book would you recommend us, and why?

I am currently reading “Feel Good” by David Burns. It is a very fascinating book about positive thinking and working with own thoughts, which create the main essence of human emotions.

Michal Gajdosech received the right attention abroad – the title of the most beautiful body of the world is an admirable success. Participating in the Czech Fashion Week 2018, especially the Osmany Laffite fashion show, was a great honour. In conversation with Michal, however, we find that the famous five minutes of glory is quickly gone, and the real modelling life is really tough. Keeping in shape, going to castings and trying to get a job are not easy tasks at all. Success cost something – on the one hand, it is all about a personal sacrifice – to remain on top as long as possible, on the other hand, it is very important to be yourself and develop own unique personality.

Michal makes his own way in modelling, he does not care about the opinions of others, modelling is part of his lifestyle. The combination of the world’s most beautiful body and a very charismatic attitude to life have put Michal Gajdosech among the world’s top modelling talents.

Michal Gajdosech


Michal Gajdosech authorized article 3. 1. 2019 / All pictures taken by various photographers. Introductory photography by EVA FISHEROVA