Michal Krause – The Best Photography Blog in Czechia and Slovakia

Everyone, who has gone through at least half of the world, had understood that learning is a continuous activity without breaks. We always find something we do not know or it is new to us. The information source of education is crucial for every photographer, model and client. We all want the best quality for us, right?

I’ve gone through many blogs and websites about photography in the Czech Republic (well, they recently changed the name to Czechia) and Slovakia. There are good quality sources bringing specific topics and knowledge. However, there was an exceptional one, about which I would like to tell you.

I came across to this blog accidently – I confess, I could not get the right red color for a photo of a beautiful classic car that I had to deliver to one client as a part of the Cassovia Classic 2016 (classic cars show in Kosice, Slovakia – a fantastic event).

MZX Photography

Michal Krause helped me – honestly, I wrote him because I had that feeling – why not – let’s try it, nothing to lose. We were playing with all the settings in Capture One and the final result is above (even WordPress is compressing pictures as it wants, I like this one a lot).

Michal is a recognized wildlife photographer from the Czech Republic travelling across the globe to take the best pictures ever. He used to be a Nikon guy, but then he switched to Fuji (https://fujifilm-x.com/photographers/michal-krause/) due to many relevant reasons, especially, when you are a wildlife photographer carrying all the stuff to several world locations. Since that time, I have been following his blog – www.lepsifotky.cz

Just for interest, the last number includes:

  • how to make a beautiful and affordable background for portals at home
  • flowers and colors – macro photography
  • winners of the 82nd edition of the competition – Better photos of Red Bull Illume Image Quest, you can also find the world-famous German bridge that everybody is going to take – the cover photo of Lorenz Holder is in the beginning of this blog
  • something about the Atlas of Beauty project – a Romanian photographer travels all over the world and maps women’s beauty
  • how they worked with light at the portraits of Hollywood stars

Really interesting reading, inspirational and well arranged. Price: free of charge

The most important attribute about him is ability to share knowledge for everyone in order to take beautiful photos. Well done Michal, many thanks for all your valuable work!