Modelling Communication – Essential Skills To Impress

Modeling communication often determines the direction of a model career. The article answers what it means, how to shape it, the most common mistakes and essential tips for success. 

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The relationship between a model and her final work goes through the communication environment of different people – a scout, a photographer, an agency, a receptionist or the jury in the modelling/photo competition. So, it is really important to make the maximum effort for success. Why? Because you never know who a decision-maker in the process is; in other words, who decides whether you get a job or not.

The basic rule of modelling communication is to understand its consistency and quality. You must always keep the same level and quality of your personal presentation – no matter if you are trying to get a job in Sydney or Milan. 

A common mistake in modelling communication is that models write “like with a female friend”. It is clear that usually a 15-year-old girl cannot have writing skills of 24-year-old woman. However, it is required to be courteous and have a good level of writing. 

Be careful with a quick chitchat. It is a part of modelling communication, especially on social networks. However, it happened to me personally, that I provided all information in the beginning of a chat with all details; and then a girl asked me, so, when is the casting? I replied, I provided all information when we started the chat and I have a very little time to repeat myself as there are more things to manage. She, of course, got upset and did not reply anymore. An opportunity was gone.

Underestimated attention to details. Well, there are many girls who would like to work in modelling, but there is a limited time to deal with all of them. Girls that pay attention to details usually progress into a final stage – they get a job. Being attentive is a basic requirement when communicating, please, remember that. Make notes when chatting and be ready to answer all questions precisely. 

Being lazy is just luxury in modelling. In modelling communication, it means not being able to do something in order to get information. For example, I sent an email to 25 girls with all info about the next casting in the capital city – time, date, description of a place and a link to the website with all information. Sounds good, right? I thought the same. Nevertehless, I received an email asking me, so when and where is the casting? I stayed still, but my feelings were about to explode. 

On one hand, I put my effort into that email, so its quality and style were just professionally managed. On the other hand, I received an email that said about everything about that girl – would you like to work with her? No. And, if she were super pretty? Hmm, it would be great, but with this communication skills, it would be a very difficult job. It is modelling, not a babysitting. A girl should know how to work with information, how to find it and how to verify it. When a girl is a very young one, there are always parents to help with it. 

Fill in the data – whether you come to the agency personally or you do it online – it is a very boring process. Many questions and blank fields requiring correct answers. When filling in online, it’s easier to write, and you’re always legible – people can read it after you. When it comes to a paper form, please be aware, that this is going to be read by a person who does not know your handwriting. Take your time and make sure it is readable. 

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When filling in, bizarre things appear to indicate either inattention or under-estimation. For instance, instead of people write – they cannot get their email address right. Later on, they are like, hmm, but I did not receive anything from the agency. After some time, someone from the agency will call and verify the identity, however, in meantime, the job is gone. It is just too late. Please, always check your contact details twice, or three times – make sure, they are correctly written, so people can easily reach you.

By the way, email address – it is good to have a simple one because it needs to be copied and pasted many times, so a simplicity of an email address mitigates possible misunderstandings. For example, is easier to work with than, right?

Some girls have troubles to send an email correctly. It is usually caused by their different nicknames + they forget to sign the email. I highly recommend signing every email in a correct way, to illustrate:

Jane Fond
+421 940 000 000

If you do it in this way and put your details correctly, there is no chance that people won’t be able to contact you. Please, develop this habit, it really helps and speeds up communication process.

The next topic – how to put your social profile correctly? Well, sometimes, girls just write a visible name to the application form – for instance, Katy Something. When people at the agency put this to Facebook, usually, there are more than one which appears to the search. However, which one is correct? Please, always put the link – not the name. 

A correct format is this:

No matter when you are, which computer or browser you use, once you input the link into the browser, you end up with a correct profile of a model. 

The last common mistake is related to a time. Better said, to be on time. To reply an email, to call back, to send pictures or to be at a particular place on time is super important. Please, consider that there are more candidates and options that agency has – so, are they going to wait for you? No. Is a client going to wait for you? No. 

To be on time is a part of character. Please, consider this when having an option to get a job – nobody is going to wait, you must do all necessary steps in order to get an advantage. Only then you can really count with a serious collaboration

To form and develop modelling communication is really a crucial task for a model due to several reasons: 

  • you want to be searchable in Google/Bing
  • you want others to find you
  • you want others to contact you
  • you want to have a rock-solid profile online
  • you want others to check your references
  • you want to work for right people at the right time
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Top Recommendations For A Successful Modelling Communication

  • use a simple email address which works all the time (I recommend to use good email service providers –,, or
  • sign an email correctly with your contact details clearly stated
  • always check your contact details twice when filling in a form
  • if a form is a paper format, please, use the best handwriting you can in order to be readable for others
  • input the social links correctly, so people can find your profile
  • 20% of models forget to write a name in application 
  • always read all conditions for a casting, check all details and make notes
  • when writing with an agency, use short clear sentences
  • show your attitude – be on time, reply on time, call back on time, etc. 
  • send all required details they ask for – especially, make sure your photos are the best of best showing only you, not pictures with friends from holidays
  • be honest, don’t play any games, those people have so much experience that they can reveal true very quickly
  • show them you know what you want, do not hesitate, be active and send them a message that you really want to work as a model – it is a part of your career, not an attempt to try something new